Antonio Pettigrew, already working in product distribution, decides to found Entrepôt IDÉAL Warehouse, convinced that impeccable customer service will be the cornerstone of his business.



Warehousing operations are separated from transportation operations and the names Entrepôt IDÉAL Inc. and Transport IDÉAL Inc. are created.



A second warehouse is added, bringing the total warehousing surface area to more than 100,000 square feet.



IDEAL innovates with a foray into transportation of bulk animal feed.


To respond to the relocation of industrial sectors to the suburbs of big cities, new, modern warehouses are opened. With vertical clearance of 24 feet, IDEAL warehouses offer bright, well-ventilated spaces equipped with sprinklers and hydraulic docks. Some are even served by a railway.


IDEAL offers our customers more than 140,000 square feet of well-laid out, well-equipped, secured space to accommodate storage of all types of merchandise.


Logistique IDÉAL Inc. is created and becomes a full-fledged member of the group. This company complements Transport IDÉAL Inc. and Entrepôt IDÉAL Inc., and enables us to offer complete merchandise logistics. For example, IDEAL is responsible for storing and managing semi-active documents and archives for the majority of the Government of Quebec’s ministries and governmental organizations, while enabling the development of innovative inventory management software using bar codes.


Extends its services to the Montréal region, encouraging synergy between the Québec City and Montréal facilities. An industrial type warehouse offering more than 200,000 square feet located in Lachine just fulfilled our clientele’s needs.


The Montreal area clientele encouraged us to open a second warehouse of 80,000 square feet in Dorval. This alimentary warehouse responds to a specific need.


IDEAL settles in a brand new warehouse.


IDEAL has come into its own as specialists in transportation and warehousing, optimizing your operations by playing an important role within your supply chain. In a brand new 250,000 square feet warehouse with vertical clearance of 42 feet, IDEAL becomes the main warehousekeeper in Quebec City’s alimentary products industry.

After more than 70 years of experience, along with the fourth generation of Pettigrews, IDEAL is more than ever committed to giving you the IDEAL experience.

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